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Question info panel never appears for slot 1

Richard Jones
Question info panel never appears for slot 1
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I haven't found this issue in the tracker but I just wondered if others had experienced it.

I have a sequence of content pages some with questions from the question bank.  Whichever question is allocated to the first slot (on any page, eg the first question might not be on the first page) it's info panel does not display, whereas it does for any subsequent question.  Only one question is permitted per page.

Within the html, the markup looks the same - the info panel is present (see attached) - but it doesn't show on the page.  Tested with Chrome and Firefox.  Doesn't seem to matter if one or more questions have images.

Any ideas?

I think I can work around by accessing the info that's in the block from the the question engine (pointers welcome) and displaying that, say, under the questions.


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