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Displaying SCORM in a Modal

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Displaying SCORM in a Modal


I am looking for a way to have SCORM Activities open in a Modal, instead of a pop up or on the same page.

Has there been anything done like this?

Thanks for your help!

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Re: Displaying SCORM in a Modal
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Hi Thorsten, 

I'd love to see this done too but no one has developed anything and released it publicly yet. I've considered running this as an improvement in a GSOC project in the past too but nothing yet.

If you develop something please share it here, alternatively you could also provide funding to your local Moodle Partner to develop this and submit it for review,

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Re: Displaying SCORM in a Modal


You can use html5lightbox and wrap the scorm link around a DIV. 

That was the solution my work colleague came up with. Then, he changed the style as well according to the design required, so we had to spend some time with it and ensure it was responsible and device compatible.

The script was included on the theme header used on the current course. The scorm activity was set up to open on another window, so we could use the link. We can record the scorm attempts without issues.

You can see attached how it looks like, after clicking the link, the background is black and the close button comes as default from the lightbox script.

Hope that helps,


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