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Students track their own progress

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Re: Students track their own progress


when we add a page, for example to course course and select the first choice (Do not indicate activity completion) on Activity completion, this activity doesn't appear in  COMPLETION PROGRESS Block and if the course contains only this activity, the block shows: "There are no activities or resources with activity completion set or no activities or resources have been selected. Set activity completion of activities and resources, then configure this block.". 
so please, how can I indicate to Moodle to consider this resource (page, file...) like an activity without allowing learners to mark themselves as complete ?
In the block settigns we have "activities included " will it help me ?? and how can i select activities to include ?? thank you very much !

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Re: Students track their own progress


You will have to choose one of the other two settings - either that students can manually mark it as complete or to show as complete when conditions are met - in order for it to show in the Completion Progress block. If you choose the last option, you'll be required to choose a condition just below. For a Page resource, the only available condition is that it has been viewed. 

The first option - Do not indicate activity completion - is essentially that a completion condition has not been set. So it will not appear in the Completion Progress block. Only activities with a set completion condition will appear in the "Activities included" box - you pick from those the ones you to appear in the block.


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