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Important: Please read before posting

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Important: Please read before posting
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It's likely that any problem you have found while using the Moodle Mobile app has already been reported and a solution or workaround found.

This is why we ask you to do the following before posting in this forum:

  1. Check the Moodle Mobile FAQ.
  2. If your problem remains unresolved after checking the FAQ, please follow the guide Moodle Mobile debugging WS requests to isolate and report the problem.
  3. Finally, try to reproduce the problem on a free MoodleCloud site. You can restore a backup there to check if the issue is solved in the latest Moodle version.

Remember that because of privacy laws, we can’t access your site to debug what is happening. Thus, do not share access credentials (with the exception of a MoodleCloud site created for testing purposes only which doesn't contain any private data).

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