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moodle integration with Google Drive oath error

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moodle integration with Google Drive oath error

We support a moodle 3.1.x instance that is configured to use the Google drive plugin.  This has been working for about a year,  recently a teacher and a few students are reporting intermittent connection errors.  Some of the students can not access the google drive and the teacher trying to upload to their drive space reported this error.

Exception - The OAuth 2.0 access token has expired, and a refresh token is not available. Refresh tokens are not returned for responses that were auto-approved.

I have checked the php error logs and do not see this message, plus, I searched through the moodle code looking for the error message, so I could at least see where it was triggered from, but could not find this text anywhere.  Which makes me wonder if it is even Moodle  issuing the error message, perhaps its Google?

Any ideas or suggestions are very much appreciated.

thank you.


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