"reopened" confusion

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"reopened" confusion
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A teacher "reopened" an assignment in error thinking it did something other than it does.

I've never used this feature before and I'm not sure I understand what it's for or what the workflow is. However, the assignment is now show "reopened" against all submissions and we can no longer bulk download selected submissions. Selecting some and clicking the options spins the wheels for a bit and then nothing. 

Is there any way that we can revert out of this "reopened" thing. Changing it from 'manual' to 'none' in the settings does nothing

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Re: "reopened" confusion
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Reopening assignments allows a student to make a new attempt at an assignment after it has been graded (either at the teacher's discretion or until they have reached a passing grade). If 'manual' was selected, then the teacher would have had to have specifically selected 'yes' to reopen the assignment after each student was graded (the setting does not automatically switch everyone to a resubmission).

Once a student has been granted a resubmission, there isn't, as far as I am aware, an option to 'take back' that resubmission (I thought there was such a feature when it was originally written, but I can't spot it now). If each student logs in and clicks 'Add a new attempt based on previous submission', then clicks 'Save changes', then the submission should be back to the original state and the 'bulk download' feature should work again.

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