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Dashboard with SQL injections

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Dashboard with SQL injections

Hello fellow developers 

I would like some guidens for a project, I wanna create in my spare-time for fun - I have little knowledge in coding, so bare with me  smile

I would like to create a Interactive dashboard which is split in 4, where every dashboard is working seperatly from eachother - Where they are linked to their own database, properly SQL injection maybe or API from other source?

I made a little sqetch of my idea and attached it..

Is there any software out there, where my idea is already possible or something similiar? Or some open source code with can be used 

What coding language i should use as a bigginer or show is the best possible way to get started

Any idea or guidance is much apperiated, dont hold back !



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Re: Dashboard with SQL injections
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Please can you make clear how this is related to Moodle ?

Your diagram seems to suggest that this is a dashboard for personal content off your own system, rather than any kind of Moodle based learning management system.

You are after all, on the Moodle developer forums.

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