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Moodle Mobile notification issue

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Moodle Mobile notification issue

Hi Moodle community

I hope everyone is well.  I also hope someone can assist me with an issue I'm facing.

I have setup a custom moodle mobile app as well as a custom airnotifier server for the app. I have uploaded the apple certificate to airnotifier, and setup gcm, both in the config.json file of the app and airnotifier.  I created an access key from airnotifier and set up the mobile message settings.

When I send a notification it states its been sent but nothing is delivered.  May I be missing something?

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Re: Moodle Mobile notification issue
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Unfortunately our core team do not have the resources here to help people use the open source code version to build custom apps. We provide a service where we can customise the app for anyone who needs it including the Push notifications (Airnotifier) service management. This service helps fund the improvement of the app in general:

I’d recommend you to check the documentation links that are available in the Forum main page or hopefully somebody else in this forum will be able to help you.

Also, I recommend you to test this in Android, it's easier to test push notifications.

Kind regards,


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Re: Moodle Mobile notification issue

Hi Dani

Thanks for your response.

We were able to sort it out.

Best regards,


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Απάντηση: Re: Moodle Mobile notification issue

Hi David,

We are having the same problem with you. Notification only appears if our app is open. Could you tip me of the solution?

Best Regards


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