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Searching for an LMS...

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Searching for an LMS...

I have recently been hired as the Training Coordinator for a smallish company.  We have about 150 employees.  There is an LMS currently in place but I feel that it is not very intuitive for learners to navigate.  After researching several LMS's, I feel that Moodle may be my choice to replace the existing.  I m going to keep things very simple at first.  Creating courses for new hires will be first on the agenda.  Then building out existing employee knowledge bases while also creating a talent database.  My main question is, do you all think that this may be too small of a job for Moodle?  I don't want to come in and spend a bunch of money that I'm not sure that the company has, so Moodle seems to be ideal for the financials, but I want to make sure that it is the right program for what I need to do.

Any advice is greatly appreciated!

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Mary Cooch
Re: Searching for an LMS...
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Hello Bret - and welcome to Moodle smile Well first of all, in terms of (quote) "too small for Moodle", Moodle is used by single teachers for classes of a handful of students, all the way up to major universities with thousands of students - so there are certainly no size issues. As for the cost, I presume you realise if you have the technical knowledge you can install and host Moodle for free and so there is no cost at all? If you want someone else to do the hard work for you, then you have a number of options. From free (for 50 users or fewer) up to 500 users (at a price) you can use our MoodleCloud option (Although the paid options are called Moodle for School, you don't have to be a school - you can use the packages for any type of training. Alternatively you can investigate hosting with an official Moodle partner.

To summarise: there is no such thing as "too small" for Moodle, and Moodle can be entirely free or at a cost suitable to your needs.

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Re: Searching for an LMS...
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As Mary has noted, nothing is too small for Moodle. But I have seen cases where Moodle was too big for some!
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