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MS Office SharePoint vs Moodle, 2017 A.D.

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Re: MS Office SharePoint vs Moodle, 2017 A.D.
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Hi Tim

Thanks for sharing your experience! In fact I have access to a SharePoint. It is so rudimentary I thought I am too dumb to discover its features. Relieved to hear that there is nothing much to discover!

My impression on SharePoint is that it is basically a way of sharing files. So those teachers for whom e-Teaching is distributing files, it might suffice. I said "might" because there is a huge usability problem, at least in our SharePoint. It does not reflect the classes and courses structure we have in Moodle. So depending on how each teacher thinks students have to search for files everywhere!

This problem is not resolved by having a web-based Office Suite.

Now imagine, a teacher wants to collect the solution of an assignment, as files, and grade them. How to do that in SharePoint, considering the functionality of the Assignment activity of Moodle?

That is the tip of the iceberg. How about forum, wiki, glossary and a dozen of other built-in activities? Not to mention the versatility of the on-line testing tool Quiz. We haven't even touched the third-party plug-ins, reporting tools and interfaces, ... goes on and on...

> Sharepoint does have rudimentary wiki, with a HTML editor that is much worse than Moodle's. If you edit even a simple page, with text, headings, and bulleted lists, it can get into a real mess. There have been times when I have had to copy and paste the HTML of a page into my text editor, and use lots of regular expressions to clean it up.

That is a real shock! The editing tool decides between life and death for me! (You guessed it: If Moodle had Vim... ;) )
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