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Can I set the default block layout for courses?

Have blocks disappeared from version 3.2?

  • No - the default theme in Moodle 3.2 is "Boost", which is intended to give prominence to content. It strives to unify the desktop and mobile experience. With "Boost", blocks become optional. But they still exist, and they are necessary on the dashboard. Blocks are not available in Moodle Mobile.

How can I display blocks throughout the whole site? (sometimes called Sticky Blocks)

How can I prevent users from adding a block to their Dashboard?

Is it a Block issue... or a Theme issue?

Is this right forum for your post? There are quite a few threads in this Forum about a block not working in certain themes. The quickest way to check if it’s a block issue is to select a new theme (one of the defaults would be ideal). If the problem goes away, it’s likely to be a problem with your theme - so you may get a better response in the Themes Forum.

We like detail!

As a lot of blocks are optional plugins, we need to know as much as possible to help you better.

  • We need to know which version of Moodle you are currently using. To find the version, go to: Site administration > Notifications.
  • We need to know the name and version of the Block you are asking about. To find the version, go to: Site administration > Plugins > Blocks > Manage blocks

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