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Learning Moodle and another CMS

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Learning Moodle and another CMS

Hi All,

I have been working with Moodle for a few months now and I want to expand my skill by learning a CMS. If you work with Moodle and another CMS could please answer a few questions?

  • What does CMS do you recommend (I was looking into Drupal and Wordpress but open to others)? 
  • What CMS is similar to Moodle, as in coding styles, APIs, plugin structure etc?
  • Any other comments/ advice.

Thanks in advance,


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Re: Learning Moodle and another CMS
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I recommend Wordpress because it is massively, massively popular and I recommend Drupal because it has a very good reputation, and if you are thinking of selling your skills you can probably charge more for Drupal skills than Wordpress.  In terms of coding styles Moodle is somewhat on its own and so it is not a very good basis to select a CMS. Overall I advise getting some Wordpress experienceand investigate the various ways of integration Moodle and Wordpress.

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