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Moodle capability statement

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Moodle capability statement
Good day,

I am not sure which forum to use for this question.
We are in urgent need of an official Moodle Capability statement.
Something in the line of what is written here:

If not this forum, could you pls let me know where to request this from?

Thank you,

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Re: Moodle capability statement
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Could you expand on who wants, what it is for and what type of details are required.

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moi!!! it is what is is...
Re: Moodle capability statement
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Are you looking for personal testimony? If so, then think about this: The Moodle forums are reported to be the most active product forums of any learning tool. They cover just about every aspect of the tool that you are likely to think of. I suspect this is not because people want to talk to someone else, but rather because they have a tool they are seriously interested in and want Moodle to be as successful, as useful, as bug free, as any such tool can be. I also suggest that the reason Moodle has been able to expand its capabilities has been because people have a need for a specific capability in their Moodle so are prepared to spend the time and make the effort to develop that capability. They then share that with the rest of the Moodle community. Sometimes that capability has universal appeal so becomes part of the core Moodle application and is continued into the future. 

I also suggest any application wide capability statement is going to be inaccurate, not invalid, but inaccurate as it will leave out two important aspects of Moodle that make Moodle such a useful tool. One is that new capabilities are always being developed, so something will always be left out. The other is that new capabilities can be developed at any time, and as we do not have crystal balls to peer into, we cannot guess what that capability may be. 

We may be Moodle tragics, some of us, but we are not wide-eyed zealots who do not recognize the validity of other, similar applications. We do not begrudge the success of other learning tools, most of us just feel that Moodle better meets our particular needs than any other, similar, tool. That is the major criteria that guides our selection of Moodle as our preferred tool, not any capability statements.    

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