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Re-engagement: allow timed release and improve completion rates.

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Re: Re-engagement: allow timed release and improve completion rates.

Good morning Dan.

We have installed the plugin on one of our sites and getting an error when a teacher or course content creator attempts to configure the activity. The error is: Coding error detected, it must be fixed by a programmer: notlocalisederrormessage

If edited/configured by an admin we don't see the error. Are special permissions needed to make this plugin work?

Thank you

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Re: Re-engagement: allow timed release and improve completion rates.
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That sounds like:

The user must have "reengagement:startreengagement" or "reengagement:editreengagementduration" to view the page.

reengagement:startreengagement should be given to students by default.

reengagement:editreengagementduration should be given to teacher and non-editing teacher by default.

You should be able to see the other capabliities related to the re engagement in your role configuration.

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Re: Re-engagement: allow timed release and improve completion rates.

I'm really interested in using this plug-in but every time I try to set it up I just seem to tie myself up in knots and double-negatives!

I've got a couple of uses in mind, but would really appreciate anyone's help in selecting the correct settings to implement as I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong dead

Use Requirement 1:

Our courses consist of 3 SCORM packages and then a certificate activity when complete.  I'd like reminder emails to be sent to users two weeks after enrolling on the course but only if they haven't yet completed it?  And then this reminder to follow every few weeks thereafter?  But obviously not to email anyone who completes it.

(Maybe a separate issue, but what happens if users were enrolled on the course before we add the reengagement activity to it?)

Use Requirement 2:

Once a user has completed the course, I'd like them to receive a one-time summary email a few weeks after completion which can summarise what they learnt in that course.

If anyone could assist with what settings I need to do / get in place, that would be amazing!!  I'd owe you forever!!



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