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Moodle as a Knowledge Portal org

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Moodle as a Knowledge Portal org

Hello, we are thinking about using our Moodle as a central of sharing knowledge for the employees. The Q is: how much Moodle fits for is, For example: using doc searching & as for a secrets doc?

Pls recommend, Tnx Denia

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Re: Moodle as a Knowledge Portal org
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For something like a knowledge base, I would recommend either using the database function (or more advanced dataform plugin) or a simple glossary.

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Re: Moodle as a Knowledge Portal org

Moodle is primarily a Learning Management system.

I have not seen Moodle used effectively as a "central sharing of knowledge", even with a few nice addons.  It lacks things like tagging, "ask me about" functions, questions, integrated send a link, file management functions etc.

Forums in Moodle are OK, but lack some of the functionality that a smooth and frictionless KM ecosystem can have.  For instance, lets say you have a Moodle forum set up to share on a topic, there is no way to show all the attached files, there is no way to harvest, curate or tag entries.  So you end up doing a lot manually.

If however you do try, they you may like to look at Frankie Kam's Open PDF in a browser modifications.  As Richard said Databases are part of a solution, but again, I've not seen them look nice, and with functionality that really reflects an effective KM environment.  However, I may be wrong.

I'd suggest Google Knowledge Management, Communities of Practice ans software to support.  If you'd like more possibilities, then I can make some suggestions.  My Goto site on this was CP2, but it has shut down  now.

my 2c worth

However, a lot of the answer to this question depends on what yu actually want.


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moi!!! it is what is is...
Re: Moodle as a Knowledge Portal org
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Moodle has a lot of functionality, far beyond the use you seem to want to put it to. For just a knowledge base, there are tools such as MediaWiki, which powers Wikipedia, or WordPress, which is easily hackable apparently, but can be set up to do what you want it to do. These are the best known open source tools, if all you want is an easily accessible set of information and quick tip type documents. As Derek pointed out there are far more sophisticated tools around as well.   

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