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Congratulations to our GSoC 2015 students

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Congratulations to our GSoC 2015 students

Congratulations to our Google Summer of Code 2015 students Mihir Thakkar and Ramindu Deshapriya for successfully completing their projects.

Mihir implemented a new enrolment plugin Bulk meta course link that extends the features provided by the standard Course meta link plugin and allows the teacher to to link multiple courses in a single enrol instance.

Ramindu delivered a "dummy" plagiarism plugin called Moorsp that allows extensive testing of the plagiarism framework without having to go through commercial plugins to make it work.

Our students reported that they found the Moodle community very helpful and supportive - so big thanks to you all for making that happen!

Also thanks to our mentors Dan Marsden, Marina Glancy and Juan Leyva for the intensive support they provided to our GSoC applicants.