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Mobile Moodle - incompatibility issues?

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Mobile Moodle - incompatibility issues?

Hello. First of all, I'd like to say the app is great.

However, after last updates, it has not been working anymore for some smartphones.

I'm the admin for our Moodle instance, so I believe everything is set correctly because, personally, on my Galaxy Note 3, currently using Lollipop, I face no problem at all (even when it ran KitKat). But the app does not work on my Galaxy S4.

Some users of ours have reported the same problem: "unexpect error" when connecting (both Apple and Android phones). I mean, when you insert the moodle url and try to connect before authentication.

I ask if the app currently supports only phablets and tablets because of the new layout, maybe.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Mobile Moodle - incompatibility issues?
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Hello Adolfo,

the app should work fine in smartphones, we have tested it in devices like Google Nexus 4/5 and others. We have received complains about the app not working fine in Galaxy S4 Mini, we're still trying to narrow down that problem.

If you receive an "unexpect error" when introducing the URL is that there's some problem when checking if "Moodle Mobile additional features" addon is installed. Please take a look at this issue, especially at my first comment:

In any case, if you send me your Moodle URL I can perform some tests to make sure this is the case. You can send it via private message if you want.



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Re: Mobile Moodle - incompatibility issues?

Hello Daniel,

Thanks for replying. I've installed the Moodle Mobile additional features plugin and now users could get the login screen, but they couldn't go in thru app though. This time there was a warning about unexpected redirection.

So I doubled checked my settings because I use Joomdle. It seemed to me that the joomdle auth wasn't compatible with the latest moodle mobile app, but it turned out that changing the conection method in joomla from "file_get_contents" to "cURL" with redirectless SSO solved the issue, and saved my day.

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