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Expertus ONE vs Moodle - one killer feature

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Re: Expertus ONE vs Moodle - one killer feature
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Yes, I have had sales pitches from a number of organizations and this is a new one. The trouble is that the pitch and the reality do not often meet successfully. What looks good in demo, at first glance, is more often less than useful in the overall need of the organization.  

A similar thing can be done in Moodle, by manually shifting courses into new specific categories, creating meta-courses as suggested, or maybe a number of other possibilities... doesn't matter. Version control for an educational product is not a helpful tool, I suggest. Either your product meets current standards or it does not. If it does not, then keeping a version different than the requirement is of no practical value - in fact it could be disastrous. If newer ideas for presentation or delivery are instigated, then keeping the old ones is a waste of time. If you want the root material, take a backup and store that, several ways to do that too.  

I know this is a black and white response, but in modern education there is no half solutions, only absolutes. (This indicates more about the people who are paying making demands on education systems than it does about educators, btw.) 


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