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Help sought - understanding Moodle mobile requirements

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Help sought - understanding Moodle mobile requirements

Hi there,

I am about to set up a new Moodle site. I am not a programmer but I have created a moodle site before (using the Essential Theme) so am not a complete noob. However, please bear with me as I am trying to fathom Moodle mobile, which I've not dealt with before. I have searched for answers but am still unclear about several basic points. 

My requirements and queries

1.      1. The Moodle (v 2.6.3) site I am developing needs to be able to be accessed on PC, Laptop, iPad and iPod, but not mobile phones.

oAm I right in saying all end users with mobile devices need to download an app to access my Moodle site, assuming I have set the site up for mobile users? If so, what apps and where do they get them? Are there different apps and are any better than others?

oIf they are accessing the site via PC or lappy, I assume there's no special app required.

2.      2. The core learning modules I'll be adding to this site are SCORM packages created in Adobe Captivate.

oAssuming I use a responsive theme, would I also need to create the learning materials so the layout is set up for PC and iPads? I am able to do this easily in Captivate but am confused about whether this step is needed or not. Here's what I mean

oAlso, would I need to save the Captivate resources as SCORM files in HTML5 format before uploading them to the Moodle site?

3.      3. My understanding is that not all Moodle elements/functions work on mobile devices. For example, the course grid layout option, forums, assignment uploads, etc.  Is there somewhere that all Moodle options are listed and I can see YES or NO for mobile? It's really confusing trying to determine what I can and cannot include. 

       4. What layout is best? My last site was "fixed narrow" but I am a bit lost with what's required for a responsive layout. 

4. 5. iPad users use the screen differently as there's no mouse, so is there somewhere that gives an overview of this? I ask because my learning materials (SCORM packages) are interactive and the usual "Click here" instruction will not apply to all users anymore. I need to figure out know how and when to modify these instructions. 


               Any help or advice appreciated, including links to info where any/all of these queries are addressed. 

               Cheers! C 




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Re: Help sought - understanding Moodle mobile requirements
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I am new to this part of Moodle as well.  I can tell you though that we have been playing with the "Open" theme in our dev site which 2.6 and are able to go through the browser on phones and iPads and have good functionality in all the things we have tried so far.  On the phones, the forums just get a little unwieldy if the thread is really long.  The blocks on the sides drop down to the bottom and the main part of the course is at the top.  The iPads don't have much trouble at all with it either in landscape or portrait mode (I actually use a mini).  The Open theme also adjusts if I am using it on my computer and resize the window down to a smaller size to work on things side by side.  It took a little getting used to but I really like it now.

The few mobile apps we have tried over the last couple of years, have been the ones that restricted the access so only certain features could be used. I am sure that was done because of the types of programing that would have had to be done and the possible issues users might have with uploading and downloading large files and their service plans, etc. We are getting a new one (not just for Moodle) at our school later this fall. We will see how that works.

Now all I have to do is convince the guy who brands the Moodle site for us that we really do need the new theme on our production site.  cool

I hope that helps a little.

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Re: Help sought - understanding Moodle mobile requirements

very helpful - thanks! 

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Re: Help sought - understanding Moodle mobile requirements
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iPods? those things that are smaller than iPhones?

You can look up the documentation on Moodle Mobile, the official app, in the documentation section. Juan Levaya (sp?), who is leading the app development (it's at 1.5) is active on this forum. Last I looked, not all activities are supported.

Packt Publications has both a video and a paper book on Mobile for Moodle. I reviewed them both. They are quite helpful.

Since i-Anything doesn't have Flash, I hope captivate generates HTML 5 compliant files.

I have students using iPads and tablets without the MM app. Of course, the Flash issue causes problems. There's a core theme in Moodle that is for mobile and is responsive (maybe called "bootstrap," don't remember just now). As Paula says, all the nav stuff drops to the bottom. There's a "hamburger" icon at the top right that expands when pressed. You don't need to alter the layout, but you should try it out by simply reducing the size of your monitor to the size of a pad or tablet.

As a matter of note, usability folks have deprecated "Click here," and prefer something like, "Use this link to download the file."

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Re: Help sought - understanding Moodle mobile requirements

Happy to say Captivate 8 creates HTML 5 compliant files. It's a new feature, and long overdue. All info very helpful - thanks! 

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