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Lost feature

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Lost feature

When checking assignments of many students I can see how many of these needs grading. I can open the grading page, check the submission files, make comments, attach the commented file to my comments, mark it as Not Accepted and now I want to convert it to draft. However, I can not do this on the same page. I have to go back to the list of assignments (meanwhile I see the task which I have given and read it again and again after each student) and there is the selection to convert it to draft. I think it is highly necessary to have this option on the grading page. I can't also not use filter "Needs grading" in the list, because after going to grading page this the student is not in the filtered list anymore and I can't convert the submission into draft if I do not remove the filter. Besides, after this I have already forgotten the students name whose submission I have to convert to draft and I have to go through the full list again being extremely careful to find the name.

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