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Podcast about Moodle
I discovered this through my site statistics, because I got several hits through this page. Talk 1 Part 1 is about educational technology, with the biggest focus on Moodle. Only problem was the guy talking mischaracterized my own site. While it is completely open at this point and anyone can poke around, my actual courses will not be free. And I don't have any quizzes there like he suggests. But all and all it is a nice intro to Moodle, and comparing it to other systems:

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Re: Podcast about Moodle
that guy was me... I'll ask them to put a note in the site making the appropriate corrections concerning the operation of your website... I've been on it several times and love the idea of it, and seem to have gotten carried away in my nervousness during the interview. I still think your website is one of the great examples of what kind of very interesting work can be done with moodle.


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