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Hotpot Crossword Puzzles

Over the years I have created a number of hotpot crosswords for my students, that don't seem to work with the new version of moodle. Upon investigation I found I can import them to my quiz bank, which completely undermines making the crossword as a change of pace for my students. Am I correct in thinking I will never be able to use these older files as a different kind of online exercise for my students?

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Re: Hotpot Crossword Puzzles
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Hi Lorie,
the HotPot module for Moodle 2.x can handle crosswords made with JCross from Hot Potatoes 6.

However, the HotPot module is not part of standard Moodle 2.x, so you may have to ask your Moodle administrator to install it. It can be downloaded from the following locations:

If you already have the HotPot module installed, but one or more of your JCross exercises are not working, then please could you attach the "jcw" file of one of the non-functional JCross excercises to your next post to this forum.


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