Integration, exposed

Integration round 2013-10-11 - yay, encryption!

One poor developer...
Integration round 2013-10-11 - yay, encryption!
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Cold numbers:Image of bora-bora - near Papeete - GeoCrypt 2013

NN issues have been successfully integrated with P rejected and Q delayed. That is R% success, good one!


  • Various things that cannot be shared here have happened in codebase this week.
  • One of them was pretty, pretty interesting.
  • The others, too, but in a lower degree. We'll continue informing about all them.
  • While the weather is hot here, we are 100% frozen. Only bug fixes (and goal issues) will be allowed to land. Everything else, held.
  • Still we aren't beta, but will soon. Plz, don't tell!

Hot topics:

  • MDL-0f1db - Replacement to COCOCO and CACACA MANAGGGG pages.
  • MDL-ab88c - Improved DELETTT of XYWZ.
  • MDL-edaad - Organize KAPUTT handlers in core.
  • MDL-876bb - Problems with the PHONEXXX theme (soon to be deleted from core, be warned!).
  • MDL-1efa2 - More progresses in that BACKXXX area, big thanks to everybody involved!
  • And tons more in other areas I cannot bring more details about. Well, yes.. well, no!

Warm thanks:

  • To X.Y. Ng , our Digital Marketing Specialist, for the huge amount of new keys to play (nobody else can deserve it more in a post like this, ROFL).

Ciao all, shhh7 smile

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