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IE10 Login

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IE10 Login

We have noticed on our newly built (first attempt at) site that when using IE10 the machine tries to login to the server rather than to the website.  The error only appears on IE10 and earlier versions do not have the same issue, we have tried both the UI and desktop versions of IE.  Most students can work round this by installing another browser (Firefox, Safari and Chrome all work fine), however I hit the issue this morning of one student who has a Surface RT and hence can not install another browser (Anti-trust out the window again).


Moodle 2.5.1

Windows Server 2012

Active Directories and hence LDAP authentication being used

Essential Theme (although I haven't checked the problem with any other theme at this stage)

Ideas to help solve this and comments more than welcome.



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Re: IE10 Login
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Hi David,

I have a Surface RT, with the latest updates, and using both UI and desktop versions of IE 10.0.9, have not had any problems logging in to ANY version of Moodle, even right here on I just finished updating my production site to Moodle 2.5.2+ and it is working in it too.

The major difference I see in what my setup is and yours is that I do not use LDAP or Windows Server 2012. I use the normal Moodle login and my site is running on Centos 6.4.

I use a renamed version of the formal_white theme so that my color settings don't get wiped out with each upgrade, but I have tried a bunch of the other themes without any issues.

Hope this helps,



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