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Managing the students in the school

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Managing the students in the school

I am about to launch the moodle in our school. One point still not clear to me. We have almost 1000 students from P-12.

What is the common practice to managing the student grades? Are they self enrolling or teachers enrolling. As system admin do I have to create classes like 1A, 1B ... 4C..?

Do I have to worry or prepare next years roll up the students from previous grade to new grade?

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Re: Managing the students in the school

The "upload user" system should interrest you http://docs.moodle.org/22/en/Upload_users

This is a fast way to create and enroll a large amount of moodle user.


You could create all your classes, they may be improved and changed but the student will just change of courses each years.


Hope it helps.




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