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Moodle Mobile apps now available!

Martin Dougiamas
Moodle Mobile apps now available!

The first version of our new HTML5 Moodle Mobile app was recently released on Google Play (for Android) and Apple iTunes (for iOS)!

We’ve called it version 1.2 because the feature set is inherited from the deprecated iOS-only app “My Moodle” which reached version 1.1.  Thanks to all the developers who’ve worked on delivering this version of the app:  Juan Leyva, Jerome Mouneyrac, Barbara Ramiro and Josep Gifreu.

The new app has been designed as a platform with the following strengths:

  • It is secure
  • It can work offline
  • It makes some Moodle operations faster and more convenient
  • It will support notifications on all platforms (coming soon)
  • It can be branded by any Moodle site easily using CSS
  • It can be customised and expanded by an institution (the code is open source)

It is important to know that the app will never be able to support all the functions of Moodle, because Moodle is a huge fast-moving target and writing secure web services (which is how the app communicates to Moodle) takes a long time to do properly.  This is a tradeoff that we had to make, and we know it may disappoint some users who want this app to do everything immediately!

Our strategy going forward is two-fold:

  1. The development of the official Moodle Mobile app will continue under the main guidance of CV&A Consulting (our trusted Moodle Partner in Barcelona, Spain).  Juan Leyva has been the main programmer of this app and will continue with the roadmap to make this a true community platform that allows institutions to contribute towards building the best HTML5 app we can build.

    The roadmap for this year is this:

    1.2: (April) Showing the overall design, developers welcome!
    1.3: (July) Polishing the design and fixing issues found by the community
    1.4: (September) Add support for push notifications from Moodle
    1.5: (December) Add community-developed features and others added by CV&A

    If you have requests for custom module development in the mobile app or want to help financing the app please contact CV&A Consulting through their website at or sending an e-mail to

  2. Moodle HQ are dedicating more developers to improving usability on mobile devices as a priority, based around the new responsive bootstrap themes in Moodle 2.5. This work involves making a lot of core changes to Moodle but should quickly result in a vastly improved experience on mobile devices with small screens.

    Note that notifications and offline access can't be properly supported with this method, so it ideally used in combination with the app above.

If you're interested in learning more, see our developing documentation: