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MSA-13-0017: Form manipulation issue in notes
Description: By manipulating form elements it was possible to assign a note to a different user during editing
Issue summary: Go to the edit notes form, change userid in the html with firebug => the targeted note user is changed
Severity/Risk: Minor
Versions affected: 2.4 to 2.4.1, 2.3 to 2.3.4, 2.2 to 2.2.7, earlier unsupported versions (1.9 onwards)
Versions fixed: 2.4.2 and 2.4.3, 2.3.5 and 2.3.6, 2.2.8 and 2.2.9
Reported by: Jérôme Mouneyrac
Issue no.: MDL-37411
CVE identifier: CVE-2013-1834
Workaround: Disable notes
Changes (master):