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Course display after login

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Course display after login

Hello everyone,

I am Ritu from Hyderabad India. I have installed moodle for our company learning requirement. Created number of courses and all courses working fine. I have one question here:

in moodle, after successful login, we are able to see list of courses which we are enrolled. What I want to do here is, instand of courses list I want to opne one course which contains links for other courses.

I will be thankful to all of you if will get support for this query




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Re: Course display after login

Hello Ritu,

You can do this by changing the front page settings under Settings > front page settings > Edit settings

In the option 'Front page items when logged in' select "List of categories" from the drop down and save changes. 

By default you will see all the courses in the 'Miscellaneous category' but you can create category by any other name and then categories your courses

When you click Miscellaneous you will redirected to another page where you can see course list under that category.

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Re: Course display after login


i did the same but i want to see just one course in my site when i loged in as a teacher .but in my admin home page i saw all the course catagory which i dont want to see.and i want to write some description in my home page in general for all the other user cause i have to write someting for my company description 1st in home page but i am not able cause if i chose course catagory it is able to see my student who is not enroll the course but he is able to see all the course which i dont want.please as soon as possible kindly help me.


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