can't get final course grade to appear

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Re: can't get final course grade to appear

Hi Marty, thanks for your response.

This is a brand new course that was set up to test the gradebook.  I have only these 3 assignments and grades in the whole course.  The "hide totals if they contain hidden items" setting is set to "show totals excluding hidden items."

I have attempted to set up the gradebook many times before and have never been able to get this to work.  I really need to have a constant running total of the final grade for the students.  I've been changing settings to test various things.  The categories were originally set to "sum of grades" but didn't work, so I tested out "simple weighted."  It didn't make a difference, so I changed them back to the "sum of grades."


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Re: can't get final course grade to appear

Are the individual grade items hidden though? The images make it look like they are. I haven't tested this but if you have it set to 'Show totals excluding hidden items' and all your items are hidden, you technically have nothing to grade. Try unhiding all your grade items and then checking course total.

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