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moodle 2.4.1, php 5.4.4 zip extension

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moodle 2.4.1, php 5.4.4 zip extension

Running php 5.4.4 , apache 2.4 on amazon linux 2012-09 64 bit, moodle installer is complaining that the php zip extension isn't available, wondering if anyone has advice for making moodle happy that the zip extension is installed with php 5.4.4. I thought php 5.4.4. included all the zip extensions already. I've already added the zip.ini in /etc/php.d/ , but php doesn't recognize that either.


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Re: moodle 2.4.1, php 5.4.4 zip extension
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Never heard of an Amazon Linux? That is not on

According to it is the Linux image in the Amazon EC2 (Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud). There is a wiki page for EC2 in Moodle docs: It does not mention the zip extension specifically but if it is missing you should be able to get it through your package manager. (Hint: yum instal php-zip)
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