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New 2.4.1 installation fails

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Re: New 2.4.1 installation fails

Thank you Ken and Howard for your detailed efforts and encouragement to get this (me smile) sorted out.  I will follow all the above advice again and report back - my effort.  In December I have done a successful install of on another server, which we start working on next week.  So yes I also think it is not a Moodle problem as such, but a server problem, albeit very obscured.

I have also requested my service provider (Afrihost in South Africa, and yes I know what you mean about ISPs) to install Moodle on the server.  24 hours later and no response.  Will have to wait for Monday to get feedback.

For the trecord, I do have a so-called "Managed" dedicated server package which they maintain, and therefor I have no root access.  Which seems to become an increasingly bigger frustration.  I will probably use the wrong terminology here, but the server is supposed to be dedicated ( and hosts several domains (,, etc), amongst others this domain.  So yes, many "customers" share the IP, although they all belong to me.  I have WHM control panel access, but not root to that (the server).  So if I understand this, I have root to the domain access, but not the server and OS.

eportfolio should not be on this domain and/or server in that format (as a folder), although I am trying out Mahara on the same domain.  My confusion is how Moodle install will know about it or consider it as a source or target for a file/data?

I do have  cPanel and phpmyadmin access.  Yes the DB user have full rights.  Regarding the change from mdl_ to xxx_, just something someone on a forum years ago recommended one do if you might combine info from different DBs and Moodle installations.  Yes, each installation/instance has its own DB.  Is it a potentially bad practice?

The DB socket issue I will have to investigate and learn more about as I do not understand the question regarding it yet.  I have never set/changed it though.

The UTF8 should not be an issue, but I will specifically check that with the next install/create.  The server has been set up with UTF8 as default.

Thanks for the reference to the installation intro.  I will refer them to this post as well.

I am doing the index.html right now.


Thank you again






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Re: New 2.4.1 installation fails

Thank you Moodle! It is working.

For everyone's benefit, here is what has been done to the server to solve the above problem according to the ISP:

> The problem was with fcgi limits on the server. I've now upped this on > your dedicated server in general as the default limits are insufficient as
> time goes on and applications like moodle and joomla start requiring more
> resources just to operate. > > The problem was with the fcgi and runphp defaults limits such as:
> FcgidMaxRequestLen
> MaxRequestsPerProcess
> ProcessLifeTime
> IPCCommTimeout
> nice=1 # be nice!
> AS=512000000 # 256Mb address space
> CPU=60 # 60 CPU seconds (it's a lot!)
> DATA=512000000 # 256Mb data segment
> FSIZE=750000000 # 750Mb files
> MEMLOCK=32768 # please don't lock memory
> NOFILE=2024 # 256 file descriptors
> STACK=8388608 # 8Mb of stack space
> NPROC=20 # 3 PHP, 17 imap and misc
> MSGQUEUE=102400 # lots of message queue space
> As said, we've set high enough limits that should prevent you ever
> experiencing an issue again.

I hope the above is true. Any comments regarding these settings from those in the know will be appreciated.  Are these not items which can be checked by Moodle Installation when it checks the rest of the server setup (eg PHP)?

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