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Moodle 2.4 Exercise appearance page colour

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Moodle 2.4 Exercise appearance page colour

My institution is about to upgrade to Moodle 2.4 so I'm testing my Hot Potato exercises on 2.4 and encountering problems. The page background colour appears white (instead of my designated colour), for example.

Would it help if I asked Admin to install Hotpot question import for 2.x?


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Re: Moodle 2.4 Exercise appearance page colour
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Hi Suzanna,
installing HotPot question import will not help you with your background issue. But you might ask your Moodle admin to select the "Background color and image" item in "Body styles" setting for the HotPot module (Site administration -> Plugins -> Activity module -> HotPot) - see attached screenshot.

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