Ability to combine books

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Ability to combine books

I am trying to use the book feature to provide create an instructor handbook. This could conceivably require a lot of chapters and sub-chapters and the TOC would become really long.

Is there a way (or is there any development underway) to allow separate books to be combined into one large book volume that would only display the main chapter headings that could be linked to individual smaller books?

I would like to be able to just post a URL link to the book in a resource site that could be easily accessed from any of my courses (a global resource) so that when I update information in any book it would be available in all courses.

Thanks for considering this option. Any other suggestions would be welcome.


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Re: Ability to combine books
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Hi Marti,

You can do what you want in a round-about way like I do. I have a "resource" category with courses where I put all my books organized by subject. So even though I might use the same written tutorial in more than one actual course, I have only one copy of it and link to it from other courses in Moodle via URL's in assignment descriptions. Doing it this way means I have only one place where I have to make updates if I need to make changes to the book contents.

The down side is that students have to enroll in all the different resource classes they happen to use. I have mine set up for self enrollment and the enrollment key is listed in the classroom assignment description.

Like you, I sometimes wind up with a book that would have an extremely long TOC. I break it up into separate books. I make one book the TOC for all the separate books and link to them via URL's. It is even possible to have links that go to ANY page in a book because it's URL contains both the book ID and chapter/subchapter ID.

Hope this helps,


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