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Moodle with a Hosting Provider or Moodle with a University Server

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Re: Moodle with a Hosting Provider or Moodle with a University Server

Thank you both for your thoughts - it really does get me on track.

Visvanath, ahaha, exactly! keep it secure or use it, nice call. I can explain that a little bit by mentioning that I work for a contractor English language provider at a university in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The deanship has a limited understanding of the web.

Here is the LMS of a company (MKCL ERA) that is lobbying to roll out elearning for our students.

We have used Moodle for a couple of years separate to the university domain, and have recently been proposing making it available to other courses within our Deanship of about 2,000 students; as an added value service provided by our company. I can't convince them to trust us, and one of the things is "security." This security issue is presently being defined for them by the representative of MKCL, and he is a native Arabic speaker, I am not.

My present quest is to simplify the subject and create some infographics to support our cause. One may say that we are also lobbying for business reasons, but that would be my company president, under my advisement. Profit and contract security is not my motive for retaining and further developing an elearning program with Moodle. I am in it for pure love of media, knowledge, and digital cultures.

Once more, thank you for interacting and offering your suggestions.

Have a great day!

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