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Site policy agreement - force scroll

Tim at Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary
Re: Site policy agreement - force scroll
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Well, what you would really like to do is make the users actually read the policy agreement before clicking Yes/No, and, of course, that is impossible. Forcing them to scroll is not going to force them to read, but I expect you know that.

If you really want this (rather than, say, spending your time editing the policy statement to be shorter, and plainer English) then you are going to have to write some custom JavaScript that

  1. Disables the button on page-load.
  2. Re-enables in once the user has scrolled to the bottom.
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Re: Site policy agreement - force scroll

Thanks Tim.  You're right-force scroll does not equal guaranteed reading, however our business office is requiring this functionality for legal purposes.  I was hoping to get around using JavaScript but alas it sounds like that is not possible.  I'll need to contact one of my co-workers for further assistance (since I'm just a Moodle site admin, not a Java coder).

Thanks for the help!

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