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Moodle 2.3.3 - Manual Patch Application

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Moodle 2.3.3 - Manual Patch Application

I have the problem described in this bug report:

I do not want to apply the latest stable build of 2.3.3, because if I do, then I will have to re-do all of my customizations! I want to apply the patch by hand, but after reading the discussion in the report, I have no idea what to do to fix the problem. Can anyone help me?



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Re: Moodle 2.3.3 - Manual Patch Application

You will see in that tracker issue a link to the Diff URL for the patch. 

(Here is the 2.3 diff URL for that issue)

Git hub shows you a nice page with lines removed in red and lines added in green (and line numbers above each section). 

You can use this to manually apply the patch. 

*** HOWEVER ***

If you are making customisations to Moodle you should really learn how to use git which greatly assist you in applying updates and merging your local changes.

- Damyon

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