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Moodle 2.0 vs EDU 2.0

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Re: Moodle 2.0 vs EDU 2.0
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ePortfolio, Student information system, Repositories, ... are separate systems. We should integrate with them well, but we cannot build best-of-breed versions of these within Moodle,


comprising the Linux kernel, and numerous applications created by other projects.

Is that not what I mentioned above? Why waste time on developing a wiki when mediawiki  is available? How about tools like WordPress as opposed to the blogging mod? Would integrating such tools not be a better option? Re-inventing the wheel is not always a good option.

Building something that integrates into a single interface is a better option, as you have already pointed out, twice... then why does Moodle not do that?  You obviously support that model, otherwise you would not have mentioned it. Perhaps we are not that far apart at all.. I am sure there are any number of smallish tools that perform a single function or do a number of important functions but are underperformers in their own right. Could they benefit from inclusion into Moodle? Could Moodle use them to expand its capabilities?

I know it is certainly not a straight forward job, and may not be possible in every case, or develop a new tool without major rewrites, and in some cases it might be better writing a whole new module. I know I seem to be making simplistic statements and asking simplistic questions, but I do know a little about coding for a large, well established, products. I also understand that shortcuts do not always lead to improvements, nor to a stable product, ask Blackboard about that. But that is one way how Moodle could stay in the game and not get left behind.      

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Re: Moodle 2.0 vs EDU 2.0


The argument for employing a rather more common API so that apps can use best of breed web2.0 components has been made on a regular basis, and has been dismissed on just as regular basis as it has been made. While I sympathize with those who have made those decisions (and can understand much of their rationale),  I am, as are you, obviously disappointed by that fact.....  and that is that. Nothing to see here folks; time to move on.

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Re: Moodle 2.0 vs EDU 2.0
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Actually, if you want to integrate any other web app, then since Moodle 2.2, then potentially you can, using the External tool plugin, which implements the LTI standard. And then you don't have to use the standard Moodle tools, if you prefer the external tool you have found.

The main arguments for maintaining our own tools, inside Moodle, are:

  1. The requirements for a tool used in an educational setting, where there are separate roles teacher and student, and teachers may wish to grade or monitor students, are somewhat different to the requirements on a generic tool on the internet.
  2. We have a set of tools in Moodle that are the results of 10 years of community discussion and development to work out what the requirements for a forum / wiki / quiz system that is used for teaching and learning. It would be silly to throw that away now.
  3. A suite of tools on the internet will have less consistent UI that a suite of tools build into Moodle, therefore requiring teachers and student to spend more time learning the technology, rather than the subject. (Although that technology learning might be more transferable than learning to use Moodle.)
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