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Moodle in a People Soft portal

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Moodle in a People Soft portal

Hello - we are using Moodle to support our corporate change management activities as we move from 20 legacy systems across our University (HR, Student admin, finance, research, etc) into Oracle's PeopleSoft.

Right now users have to sign into moodle for training, and a separate sign on for the portal.

We'd ideally like a single sign on within the portal to access both PS and Moodle (as a tab).

We are NOT looking at integrating Moodle into PS for the campus solutions module as our student/faculty population uses Desire2Learn...a whole other issue.

If you've experience with this, I'd love to hear from you.  PS does not have a very robust CMS that has lots of challenges but we have to use the system so need to make it as friendly as possible.



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