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Goodbye CVS servers! (1/1/2013)

Martin Dougiamas
Goodbye CVS servers! (1/1/2013)

Hi all,

Our Moodle code is stored in a repository that records every change by every developer since 2001 and allows us to collaborate on developing Moodle, while also allowing Moodle users to download and update their sites directly.

Here is a development visualisation generated directly from the repository: 

From the beginning of Moodle until 2010 we used a venerable technology called CVS to manage our code repository (, but then we switched to using the more powerful and popular Git, while still providing some CVS servers as a read-only copy of the Moodle code in Git, and some write servers for contributed modules.

From our statistics we can see that very few people using our CVS servers anymore, so the time has come to shut them down and save our maintenance time.  We plan to do this at the very start of 2013.

  • If you were using CVS to update your Moodle site, please switch to Git (see Git for Administrators in our docs)
  • If you were maintaining code in our contrib section on CVS, please move it to somewhere else like Github and make sure everything is correct for your entry in the Moodle plugins database.
  • If you were one of the very few still maintaining a Moodle 1.9 language pack in CVS, you should now email your changes as  a zip file to our translation coordinator Koen via

Cheers and thanks to the developers of CVS who made a tool that helped Moodle (and countless other projects) so much!