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Re: Internal mail plugin for Moodle 2, alpha version, testing required

Thank you for creating an email tool!  It was very much needed in Moodle 2.

We are on Moodle ver. 2.2.5 and have noticed a few issues so far.  If you have any suggestions, we would greatly appreciate any feedback.

Using Mozilla Firefox browser, ver 16.0.2 or IE 9

1.  Nothing seems to happen when I click on a folder - 'Sent,' 'Bin,' etc.  It just appears to stay on the Inbox.  So, I can move messages, but then I can't access the folder they were moved to.2.  Cannot move messages from myself.  For example, I might want to save all messages sent to a particular student to a folder.3.  Sometimes it will lock up when we try to respond to two students in a row.


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