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Moodle Research Conference 2012

Martin Dougiamas
Moodle Research Conference 2012

Hi all!

You may have seen the news that we are holding our first official Moodle conference dedicated to research on and around the Moodle platform:

    Moodle Research Conference -
    14-15 September 2012    Heraklion, Crete

The purpose of the conference is to support networking and sharing among those who are researching Moodle and thinking about ways to improve it for different learning scenarios.   It will also directly inform the development of Moodle in the future.

We've had a good number of papers already submitted for the conference, so it's looking pretty exciting!  Submitted papers range from in-depth case studies of how Moodle can be applied and used in various environments to interface design experiments and the development of whole new modules to introduce new techniques.

(Personally I love detailed and rigorous case studies.  There are so many ways to apply even a stock Moodle but it's important to understand what patterns best achieve our goals of improving education and why they work)

We've had requests to extend the submission date a little, so we've done that.  You now have until 28th May to submit your papers!

If you had been undecided until now and missed the deadline this week, or have only just heard about it  - send in your paper and come along!   It's going to be two days of fascinating and meaningful discussions and debate!  And it's in a beautiful location too.  smile

I'd appreciate you spreading this message to any relevant communities of practice that you are part of - thank you!   You can send them to this URL: