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Moodle for law course

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Moodle for law course

Hi all,

First post here, not sure if its the right place to post this, correct me if needed.

I work for tech support in a law school where we are just using Moodle and was introduced to SIMPLE http://simplecommunity.org/ by an instructor.  It is said to simulate work situations for lawyers used by a University in England.  Since I think it is quite outdated, was just wondering if there is a plugin in Moodle for this and/or anyone to share some cool experience in teaching law with Moodle.


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Mary Cooch
Re: Moodle for law course
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Hi there. Well I looked at the site but you had to log in to see a demo so I am not entirely sure what it does - but if you mean you want something that enables you to create branching exercises, role plays simulations like that, then Moodle's built in Lesson module would do the job.  http://docs.moodle.org/22/en/Lesson_module

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