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New question types from the Open University

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New question types from the Open University

As a continuation of its long-term stewardship of the Moodle Quiz, the Open University in the UK is pleased to announce the release of a set of ten new question types for Moodle 2.1 onwards. All are available for download from the Moodle Plugins directory.

The new question types include:

  • Variable numeric - allowing random numbers, variables and expressions within questions
  • Drag and drop into text - enabling words to be dragged into sentences, lists and tables
  • Pattern match - providing sophisticated response matching features
  • Marker - enabling markers to be placed on images
  • Opaque - allowing the connection of external question engines

The question types were designed by Phil Butcher at the Open University and developed mainly by web programmer Jamie Pratt, with Quiz module maintainer Tim Hunt overseeing their implementation.

For further details of the new question types, see Phil's OpenLearn site on eAssessment at the Open University with open source software and Tim's forum post New question types.