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New Moodle Plugins directory now available

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New Moodle Plugins directory now available


I'm pleased to announce we now have a new Moodle Plugins directory to replace the Modules and plugins and Themes databases which were originally set up in 2006.

The plan is for the Moodle plugins directory to include official plugin reviews covering areas such as security and accessibility. Also planned is a new 'Check for updates' feature within Moodle, enabling plugins installed on your site to be easily updated.

Information on recently released plugins is available via RSS feeds and also @moodleplugins on Twitter.

Thanks to Sam Hemelryk, Marina Glancy, Anthony Borrow, Michael de Raadt, Martin and everyone else who has helped develop and design the Moodle Plugins directory.

If you have any feedback, please report suggested improvements or bugs in the tracker - Moodle Community sites: - or join the discussion Moodle Plugins now live! in the General developer forum.