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Moodle 1.4 is released!

Martin Dougiamas
Moodle 1.4 is released!
tui-1.4.jpgAt last, Moodle 1.4 is declared stable and ready for download, with a huge list of improvements including:
  • Compatibility with PHP 5
  • Vastly improved installation process with a wizard
  • Completely revamped Resource module
  • New modular Enrolment system including modules such as completely automated Paypal payments, flatfile scanning, or external database control.
  • Front page blocks
  • Chat daemon for fast, scalable chatting
  • New Wiki module!
but there is so much more. Seriously, look at those release notes again. I just did and I've just thought of yet another half-a-dozen things we added that I forgot to put on there!

Special thanks to Eloy, PJ, Gustav, Shane, Mike, Janne, Henrik and Petr who made special efforts to help wrangle the 10716 files and directories that make up Moodle into good shape for this release. Thanks also to many other programmers who submitted code of various amounts large and small, and to the many users of Moodle who help with suggestions and bug reports. Keep up the good work!

Enjoy Moodle 1.4 and keep an eye on us, this is just a milestone on the way to even bigger and better plans! smile