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MoodleMoot Hakodate 2009 Feb 15-16

画像 Hiroki Inoue
Re: MoodleMoot Hakodate 2009 Feb 15-16
Hello Stuart-sensei,

Thank you very much for coordinated this fantastic 1st Moodle Moot event in Japan.

I really enjoyed to communicate and share stories among other Moodlers from many different areas including Singapore and 20-30 different prefectures in Japan during 3 days stay in Hakodate. We kept talking about how to effectively use Moodle even on the way back to Tokyo at the Hakodate airport. All of them were very much passionate and impress me a lot.

Especially developers round table was the most exciting part and we'd like to contribute to promote Moodle in Japan more and to develop extensions to meet with the requests.

For instance, audio/video recording funtion built into Moodle like "Riffly" based on Flash Server technology. Several sites are providing APIs to their components and can be integrated.

Thanks again and hope to see Moodlers again soon!

Hiroki Inoue
eEducation Labs