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Re: OU blog - optional blog module

We have just upgraded to Moodle 2.4

I just tried to upgrade to OU blog  $module->version  = 2013020800;

I put the blog on the front page and here are the issues I had:

1.) I had to go into the database as mentioned above in mdl_oublog and change global from 0 to 1. 

2.) When editing settings and set it on Visible individual blogs I am not allowed to ever select Visible to the world. Whenever you logout and try to access a user blog with the link it requires you to login again.

3.) When I login as another user and try to View Site Entries, it shows no other entries although I've made several entries under various fake students. I feel I am missing something having to do with permissionsfor front page activities?

4.) When I click on the RSS button in Safari I get the attached screen shot. In firefox it downloads feed.php

Any help on this would be appreciated as I'm trying to get things squared away in our new version over Spring Break this Iowa....with snow on the ground still.....depressing.  sad

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