Some Moodle developers in the community are reliant on crowdfunding to work on specific projects.  We list these projects here to help you contribute!

If you have a project requiring crowdfunding, which is currently advertised on a crowdfunding site, please add an entry! Entries require approval before they are viewable by everyone.


Project name:


Project Summary Status Goal Deadline  
Essential for 3.0 Upgrade the most popular Moodle addon for 3.0 Completed $750 USD January 31, 2016
Timestat Block Upgraded to Moodle 2.5/2.6 Raising funds for the redevelopment of this popular block Completed $1200 USD February 12, 2014
Grid course format size and style improvements To add the ability to change image container size and style. Completed $530 October 30, 2013
A series of addons,plugins, and business enhancements for Moodle We would like to create a series of plugins specifically designed for Moodle around the business community Requiring funding 10,000.00 October 30, 2013
Moodle integrated Courseshop for Moodle 2 Migration and enhancement and full publication of the Moodle block "courseshop" Requiring funding $6000 November 15, 2013
Collapsed Topics Left & Right Toggles Adding a function to the Collapsed Topic course format to allow the toggle images to be on left vs right. Completed $140 July 10, 2013
Scheduler module code review A code review of the Scheduler module for Moodle 2. Requiring funding $6,300 June 15, 2014
Dialogue module code review A code review of the Dialogue module for Moodle 2. Requiring funding $6,300 June 15, 2014
Custom SQL Query Block A block that will allow for custom SQL queries and export of query to FTP. Requiring funding $22,725 June 15, 2014
Youtube Anywhere for Moodle Record videos from within Moodle. Completed $1,350 April 16, 2013