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Block: Help Desk Block

Type: Block
Requires: Moodle 1.9
Status: Contributed
Maintainer(s): Jonathan Doane

I've been working on a Help Desk solution that would integrate nicely with Moodle and is structured to be plug-in based.

What is this "Help Desk" block?
It is an add-on for Moodle that will allow institutions to have a Help Desk solution right in their CMS. This benefits users by having a support desk very close to the environment that (in our case, a virtual school,) our students and instructors use very often, Moodle.

In addition to putting this Help Desk closer to our users, a contributed block would allow us implement what our paid service would not provide, such as multiple-assigned users per ticket.

Why a block for the Help Desk?
A block is the only plug-in for Moodle where would could have the Help Desk show up on the front page and for all course pages. My goal is to make the Help Desk as easy to use for users submitting tickets. Although the block itself may look basic, it is a very small portion of the Help Desk itself.

Why can't I use multiple instances of the Help Desk?
This is because this block is designed to service an entire Moodle website. Access comes from the context of the System, not individual courses. That way a single Help Desk Answerer can look at tickets submitted from any user regardless of the course that it was submitted in.

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