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Resource Type: MrCUTE Jr. Shared URL/File Repository

Moodle MrCUTE Jr. Shared URL/File Repository Search.  1) Adds new resource type 2) stores resources in a repository, and 3) provides ajax search-as-you-type; see documentation for full feature list and install details
Type: Resource Type
Requires: Moodle 1.9 or later
Status: Contributed
Maintainer(s): Leo Thiessen

The MrCUTE Jr. Shared URL/File Repository allows creation of resources that can be used in any course (they are shared). There is a search block allowing you to find and choose/edit the the shared resource you are looking for. Resources show the appropriate icon too, even for a URL. The course editor is able to select the appropriate icon for URL's, e.g. for something like they can choose the jpg icon. Each shared URL or File is also given a title, description and keywords, which are all used during searches. Access to search/add/edit is restricted to teachers+.

This is a set of 3 items:

  1. A block module that allows searching of the database table created by the block module. I've called it "MrCUTE Jr. Repository" since some of the code comes from the MrCUTE2 module - thanks MrCUTE2 team!
  2. A resource type plugin which extends the functionality of resource_file (it literally sub-classes the Moodle core "Link to a file or web site" resource type).
  3. A patch which allows the mrcutejr resource type to have different icons depending on what the repository resource actually is.

I anticipate the most up-to-date information for this plugin to be on the MrCUTE Jr. documentation page. Here's the basics to get you started:
  1. In the "Add a resource..." drop list, select "MrCUTE Jr. shared file or website".
  2. To add a new resource, press the "New Shared URL" or "New Shared File" button.
  3. Enter information into the form & press "Save new Shared URL/File"
Please note for CVS there are 2 directories you need to access:
That's it!

Kind regards,
Leo Thiessen
P.S. Contact me if you'd like a demo.

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